FAQ What   is   VR?   “VR”   is   the   acronym   for   virtual   reality.   Putting   on   a   VR   headset   puts   two   small   screens   in   front   of   the users   eyes,   at   very   close   range.   Lenses   focus   the   image   and   the   headset   blocks   out   any   external   view,   so   that   the user can see only in to this new world or reality that appears on the screen. What   kind   of   experiences   do   you   provide?   Over   on   the   examples   page   we   have   lots   of   setups   and   experiences that   we   have   run   for   previous   clients.   They   can   be   tailored   to   suit   you   and   your   event,   and   if   you   have   an   idea   that isn’t   on   our   wesite   feel   free   to   email   us;   we   will   happily   work   to   try   and   provide   a   VR   experience   to   suit   you   and your   event.   Racing   cars,   bicycles,   walking   mazes,   riding   a   rollercoaster,   flying   through   the   air,   painting   a   3 dimensional picture, diving to the bottom of the sea, exploring space… Almost anything can be achieved! Can   experiences   be   branded?   We   can   provide   physical   branding   for   almost   every   experience.   Have   your   logo   on the   side   of   our   racing   cockpit,   your   name   on   our   VR   bicycle,   brand   our   rollercoaster   seat.   Put   your   logo   on   the headset   and   every   photo   someone   takes   will   have   your   logo   in   it.   Offer   Google   Cardboard   headsets,   branded   too, as   gifts   for   people   to   take   home!   In   game   branding   is   not   possible,   unfortunately.   360   videos   and   photographs   can be   viewed   with   our   equipment   though   -   film   a   tour   of   your   offices   or   warehouse,   make   a   video   of   a   car   racing around a circuit or just take some photographs of your product and users can view them in 360 degree vision. What   headsets/equipment   do   you   use?   We   use   every   major   headset   currently   available.   Oculus   Rift,   HTC   Vive, PSVR. As   new   devices   become   available   we   add   them   to   our   equipment   and   always   aim   to   be   on   top   of   the   latest developments.   Similarly   our   computers   are   custom   built   by   us,   with   the   latest   and   fastest   available   graphcs   cards, processors   and   components.   Their   sole   purpose   and   use   is   VR   and   they   are   tweaked   and   honed   to   give   the   best and most immersive experience possible. Why   cabled,   computer   headsets?   Simply   put   the   experience   of   using   a   computer   powered,   tethered   headset   is far,   far   better   than   a   mobile   phone   powered   headset.   Depending   on   the   experience   you   wish   to   give   customers, and   the   quality   of   that   experience,   each   headset   has   its   merits   and   negatives.   For   games   and   deep   immersion   you simply cannot beat the huge power of a computer. How   much   space   does   it   use?   Each   experience   has   its   own   footprint.   VR   is   often   broken   down   to   “seated experiences”   such   as   racing   a   car,   riding   a   rollercoaster,   or   “room   scale”.   Room   scale   uses   sensors   placed   in   front, behind   and   to   the   side   of   a   player   to   track   their   movements.   Coupled   with   hand   controllers   also   being   tracked   this can   allow   a   player   to   move   around   an   environment   and   interact   with   virtual   objects.   This   is   great   for   sports   games, painting,   exploring   rooms   and   so   on.   It   does   take   up   more   space   though,   with   a   minimum   play   area   of   1.5m   x   2m, up   to   3m   x   3m.   If   space   is   an   issue   we   suggest   a   seated   experience;   a   rollercoaster   seat,   for   example,   takes   up   the space of a chair only.
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